I’ve had a quiet word with Jory and he’s agreed to make a special potion for me.
(Don’t tell Kerensa as she’ll probably hang Jory up by his balls).
So if you want the chance to become immortal please read on. He assured me that it will work this time lol.
So this is to thank you all for your amazing support with my book and all you have done for me.
If you want to receive this gift from Jory hehe, ok so perhaps not lol.
But you can get something just as awesome if you do something for me..
If you write a review for me on Amazon, you will get your name in the next edition of the book.
So go on, off you go. Write a review on Amazon and fill in the sign up form below the page and presto! You’re in the book on the acknowledgement page in both the ebook and paperback. So even if you aren’t an aspiring author, you can still get your name in print. How awesome is that?
So here’s the magic formula:
1. Review my book on Amazon.
2.Fill in the form below.
3. Instant immortality.
My publisher will be adding the names next week, so you better review now so you can be in the book. You just have to put the name you used to review the book, the review itself and your email address for verification. You will receive an email to confirm that you want to be added into the book.
Oh and don’t forget the giveaway.If you leave a review and win a free copy of the ebook, you will get to see your name in it immediately, before it get published next week.
I have to go now as the Queen has caught wind of my deal with Jory and is out for my blood. Eeek!